Why Talk to Us About Abortion? We Care Pregnancy Center

Now that abortion is illegal in Arizona, you may be wondering why we continue to provide information and education on the procedure. The fact is, […]

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How Can I Recover Emotionally From An Abortion? 

You had an abortion. It seemed like the right choice at the time.  But now you are dealing with a flood of emotions in the […]

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How Does the Overturning of Roe V. Wade Affect AZ? 

There have been laws about abortion in Arizona since before the territory became a state. And some of those laws that were put in place […]

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What Are the Different Kinds of Abortions?

There Are Two Main Types of Abortions: Surgical abortion: the removal of pregnancy tissue requiring a surgeon who utilizes invasive surgical techniques. Medical abortion: the […]

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What Are the Mental Health Effects of Abortion?

Many women are prepared for the physical effects an abortion can have on their bodies, but fewer anticipate the emotional toll. Terminating a pregnancy is […]

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What Are the Risks of Abortion?

Abortion is a serious medical procedure, and part of your decision-making process involves assessing your risks. Depending on the type of abortion, potential issues could […]

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What’s the Difference Between the Abortion Pill and Plan B?

Plan B is emergency contraception designed to be taken within hours of having unprotected sex. The abortion pill ends an early pregnancy up to 70 […]

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What are the Risks of the Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill may seem convenient, but it does come with risks to your physical and mental health. Women may experience infection, heavy bleeding, sadness, […]

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Is Abortion or Adoption Right for Me?

If you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy and don’t feel ready to be a parent, abortion and adoption are two possibilities to consider. By learning about […]

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Will Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS) Pay for Abortion?

In most cases, Arizona Medicaid, known as the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), does not pay for abortion as part of its pregnancy […]

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