I’ve Already Had an Abortion and Don’t Want Another One. What Are My Options?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy this year, you are not alone. We’ve served and supported countless women over the years, and know unplanned pregnancy is not uncommon.

Knowing what to do with an unplanned pregnancy can be tough. And if you already had a negative experience with abortion in the past, you may be wondering what your alternatives are this time around. 

You have two other alternatives: adoption and parenting.

Some Considerations Before Choosing Adoption

Adoption Is Generally an Affordable Option.

While laws vary by state to state, you can receive financial aid for medical bills and potentially other costs of living while pregnant.

According to American Adoptions, “Arizona courts may approve any money paid to the birth parents for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with the adoption, including medical and hospital care, counseling fees, legal fees, agency fees, living expenses and other costs the court finds reasonable and necessary.”  

You Craft an Adoption Plan to Fit Your Lifestyle.

When you choose adoption, you get to select the adoptive family who can provide the ideal life you’d like for them. Do you dream of giving your child a home that has a treehouse in the backyard? Financial stability that can provide private education? A two-parent family with a dog? You can pick the opportunities that your child receives. 

You can also choose how much or little contact you want with your child and the adoptive parents in the future. 

Some Considerations Before Choosing Parenting

Parenting Can Be Expensive, But You May Qualify for Aid.

Unfortunately, parenting is not free. You will need to pay for medical bills, food, clothing, supplies, and ongoing support for your child. Infants need a surprising amount of items, and as they grow up they will have new needs.

But in spite of all the costs that come with children, you may qualify for financial aid that can help you. Arizona Medicaid can help cover medical expenses, and local organizations like ours can help with material assistance.

You may also qualify for other financial assistance with the WIC program,or the Cash Assistance Program, or through the Salvation Army.

Parenting Will Bring Lifestyle Changes.

Parenting can impact your schedule’s flexibility and ability to make some of the time commitments you did before. Your priorities will also change as you begin considering your child’s needs and what is best for them.

Even though there are some challenges that come with parenting, there are also great gains. Many women find parenting rewarding and full of joy and purpose.

What Is My Next Step?

Schedule a free appointment to talk about your pregnancy options in a confidential setting. We will share information on resources, answer questions, and listen as you process your emotions. We provide a safe space for women in Benson, Arizona. You’re welcome at our center.

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