How Does the Overturning of Roe V. Wade Affect AZ? 

There have been laws about abortion in Arizona since before the territory became a state. And some of those laws that were put in place in the 1860s have become relevant again after the Supreme Court’s decision in June.

But the old laws mixed with the new have caused a great deal of confusion.

Is Abortion Legal in the State of Arizona Today?

The old law states that all abortion is illegal, with the only exception being for a woman who has a life-threatening condition. Anyone who performs an abortion for any other purpose besides an emergency can face jail time of two to five years. 

After the Supreme Court returned the decision back to the states, this law from 1868 was immediately put back in place. As a result abortion clinics in Arizona stopped abortion procedures. 

However, legislators had already been working on a new law that allows abortion up to 15 weeks gestation. So this is where the confusion comes in. However, the bill stated that it would only go into effect if Roe V. Wade was NOT overturned. Because if it was not overturned, abortion in Arizona would have been legal until 22 weeks.

According to NPR “Arizona's current state attorney general, Mark Brnovich, says the old ban from territorial days is enforceable. But Brnovich is at the end of his term, so both sides of the issue now are really focused on who will replace him and what the next AG's interpretation of Arizona's law will be.”

What Options Do Pregnant Women Have?

The upheaval of abortion in the state doesn’t need to make you feel hopeless. If you are pregnant, you still have options. The future of abortion in the state is in the hands of the soon-to-be-elected, but your future is in your own hands.

Before you travel out of state for an abortion, you should gather all the information you can about adoption and parenting options. 

A good first step would be to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff about what your different paths might look like. 

Where Can Pregnant Women Find Help?

The state has several programs to help you as you walk through your pregnancy, or parenting should you choose that route. Here are a couple:

  • Arizona Health Start can connect you with a variety of resources that include health care, education, parenting assistance and application help for other programs.
  • We Care Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy testing and ultrasound referrals. We can talk you through your options and offer support for your journey.
  • Nurse-Family Partnership is for women who are less than 28 weeks pregnant.
  • Healthy Families Arizona is a free program for new parents that offers home visits and help.
  • Family Spirit is for Native American Families. ​​The Family Spirit Program is a culturally tailored home-visiting intervention delivered by Native American paraprofessionals as a core strategy to support young Native parents from pregnancy to 3 years postpartum. 

If you have an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, you are not alone. We are here to help you gather all the facts for a truly confident decision about your future. Please schedule a free and confidential consultation today.

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